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Our Famous Mango Hand Dyed Scarfs

Assorted Colors 1- Randomly Picked for you

Great Mothers Day Gift 🌸$39 Colors Shown are Sample Colors  - 

When order yours online:
the colors are so different and unique of each hand dyed so each is not the same in colors so please message or call us and give us your 3 TOP colors you would like so we can make sure to hand pick one out with those colors included in the scarf 😉 ( however, if we don’t hear from you within 24 hours after your purchase you will receive a random color choice picked by our staff ) as we dont want to keep you waiting to ship !!

These little babies are so hot right now that even our vendor was sold out of them for a couple of weeks!

These scarves are all hand-dyed and left to dry on Mango Trees & WOW they Smell Fresh and Yummy tooo, which makes every one just a little bit different.

They have shown us the beauty of mixing contrasting colors, and because each one has just a little bit of everything, it's impossible to find a top that they DON'T match! They can make a simple outfit FANTASTIC !!!!!

They add color, texture and a unique style to any wardrobe. As we have learned, they sell out quick

Just LOVE these ❤️ by Monkey Mango