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Magik Obsidian Pyramid Ring


1- Adjustable Ring In Black Obsidian in a Pyramid design is super Magikal stone to assist with blockage's, stress  

Black Obsidian is a glorious stone for power, protection, and grounding. It is a root chakra stone which means that it keeps you tethered to the here and now and feeling a sense of strength and inner confidence. It also keeps negative energies at bay and gives you the courage to face your inner truths.


Obsidian is good for strength and grounding. This stone is highly protective and can be a dab hand at keeping negative energies at bay and helping you keep your head high no matter what. Physically it can help to detox the body and emotionally it helps you to face all angles of yourself so that you can accept yourself and live in truth.


How to cleanse black Obsidian?

One of the best ways to cleanse your Black Obsidian is to hold it under Spring running water for a brief period of time. The water will discharge any build up leaving it ripe and new and ready to soak up even more energy. If you don’t want to involve water, you can also smudge it with smudging or sound bowls. 

How to use black Obsidian?

One of the best ways to harness the power of Black Obsidian is to wear it in jewelry form Queens & Kings would wear it to keep there strength and beauty

When Black Obsidian is pressed against the skin it can raise your own vibrations, bring healing, and keep you grounded and protected. You can also place Black Obsidian in the home to keep your space safe from negative energies. 

Care - Clean using Jewelry Cloth to polish all stone/bone settings

Don not soak stones or bones in jewelry cleaners 

Metal - Mixed Metals which include brass or copper as the base metal & overlayed in Silver