Offering 1-on -1 boutique Private Shopping appointments

Penny Bennett ( Creator - Founder) on Apr 1st 2020

With the ongoing Corona Virus spread the boutique is continuing to change on how we support our shoppers and 

prepare for safety, which includes but not limited to the shopping experience with our states preparation for re-


For your safety we are keeping it small in our shopping space. 

Taking it SLOW by offering 1-on-1 boutique shopping appointments is a safe alternative by keeping it in a private 

appointment setting.

Each appointment ends with a 30 minute cleaning and sanitizing before the next appointment

Keeping a safer way to shop is important as we slowly prepare a new way to shop.

We will have masks if needed inside the shop along with sanitizers for your use as well.

We still offer Curbside pickup - Please call to set up a date and time or message us